Luxury Homes with Extreme Amenities

Our home is our castle some say, well in these examples the owners are certainly treated like kings. Custom luxury home owners are adding very interesting and sometimes extreme amenities to their homes. We have all seen the sprawling estates, but many times it is what they do with that square footage that really makes… Read more » is Finally Live! - Luxury Auction, Luxury Online Auction 2

Well, the day has finally come! is live and we are all excited about the site. Finally a place where you can get quality luxury lifestyle items for a fraction of the price. You get a chance to bid on all of your favorite categories: Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Electronics, Watches, Jewelry, and more categories… Read more »

What to Buy with All That Money?

Billionaire Darwin Deason understands it’s “foolish money” to own and operate his 205ft mega-yacht but he doesn’t care. With about 7 Million in yearly operating expenses, it isn’t just the cost of buying the yacht that adds up. Some may think it is not practical, but living a luxury lifestyle is far from being about… Read more »

Luxury Travel – The Experience vs. The Decor

Luxury Travel

In the world of luxury travel there are many factors to consider when choosing a destination. The days of focusing only on the environment: the hotel, transportation, and decor are over. Today’s luxury travel mavens are looking more for personalized experiences. After you have traveled the world over it becomes less about the places you… Read more »

Richard Mille – The Next Generation of Luxury Watches


Richard Mille is a french businessman and maker of the next generation of luxury watches. His Swiss made luxury timepieces show off the blend of sophisticated design and artistry mixed with cutting edge materials and engineering. With prices ranging from $60,000 to $300,000, there is a piece of fine luxury for everyone’s taste. Richard Mille’s… Read more »

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster

Lamborghini Aventador front

On a hot day in sunny Miami, Lamborghini unveils it’s Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster. Celebrating their 50th anniversary, they brought 12 of these hot cars to the airport to blow off some steam. The 10 day program included a total of 40 cars, a parade, and 400 international media and dealers. Many people showed up… Read more »